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Fashion for New Moms

With a new baby on the way, many changes will take place over the next year, including changes in your own body. While you consider all of baby's requirements, don't neglect your own. With each stage of pregnancy your body will demand clothing that changes with it.

In years past fashion for the expecting mom was limited. That's not the case any more. Here at The Band Specialist, we offer pregnancy clothing that gives new moms quality fashion choices including motherhood and maternity fashion and stylish active wear for after baby.

Cinch Essentials Collection is exclusively designed for first trimester & post-pregnancy moms. Each piece has hidden features built into the garment that offer extra figure flattering support. You never have to sacrifice fashion during or after your pregnancy. Cinch Essentials will take you from home, to office, and into evening with style.

Each Cinch Essential contains hidden waist compression with the unique “Cinchette” band for tummy roll control. Breathable, flexible fabric moves with you. The dual sizing of each piece is designed to shrink as you do.

Cirqulate Active is a new line of motivational active shapewear that allows for a flattering fit for the active new mom. Cirqulate Active moves with you allowing for comfortable flexing and stretching. It's also constructed with Power Mesh lining, Breezy Top lining, and the signature details of the Cirqulate brand. The trademark construction of each piece helps shape and contour your body for a sleeker, fit appearance.

Cirqulate tops and jackets include a shape-smoothing liner for confident workouts. The fabrics are made to wick away sweat and are suitable for all of your workout needs.

Cirqulate bottoms have unique Rolls Control™ and Power Mesh™ features that help to shape your middle. They also include a special adjustable rollover waistband. Unlike regular yoga pants or tights, Cirqulate bottoms flatter your figure.

Celebrities who have endorsed Cinch Essentials and Cirqulate Active

Celebrities who endorse cinch essentials and cirqulate