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About 72% of American women gain weight after childbirth, according to a John Hopkins article and recent Baby Center Survey of 7000 new moms.

A message from Charlene Williams, health science practitioner, mother of three, and the Band Specialist:

As a healthcare provider whose parents are both physicians, I'm acutely aware of the importance of health prevention. As you know, the US obesity epidemic continues to grab national attention. With nearly 66% of the adult population now obese or overweight - the negative health implications are staggering.

It's no secret proper diet and exercise are key recovery factors. Despite this knowledge, many women fall into a vicious lifelong problem with weight issues, crazy diets, and risky medical solutions. According to some experts, this cycle often starts at a crucial time in a woman's life when she becomes a new mom.

We want to reverse this trend!

That's why we created our unique pregnancy bands. The letters we've received testifying to the effectiveness of our pregnancy bands [hyperlink to testimonies page?] and wrapping methods speak for themselves. We want to partner with professionals like you to help reverse this aspect of the obesity trend by offering special considerations to medical professionals who sign up with the Band Specialist.

Benefits of partnering with us:

  • Regular updates and discounts that you can pass on to your moms who make purchases directly from the Band Specialist website or who visit one of our fine retail outlets.

  • Personalized referral slips for your office.

  • Special point-of-sale packages for your office. Profitable, convenient, and an easy way for your moms to get started in the right direction before they leave your office.

  • Logos, press information, testimonials, and other advertising materials to make carrying our products easy and convenient.

  • National exposure of your practice as we continue appearing on shows such as Good Morning America and other national television programs.  Local News Interviews by ABC, NBC & CBS.

  • Participation and name recognition in research and field observation studies in this groundbreaking industry.

  • Act Now! It's free!

If you're ready to partner with us and make a difference,  click here to complete this formMedical Professional Form Icon. There is no obligation and we never share your information.

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