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Tell us - tell your friends

Share your story with the Band Specialist! We want to hear how using Cinch or Atlas made a difference in your pregnancy recovery.

Share your story with friends! There's nothing more helpful than the voice of experience. By telling your friends how they can benefit from the traditional art of belly banding, you are also saying, "I care."

Get 25% off for sharing your story

And to show we care and appreciate you sharing your story with us, we'll send you a 25% voucher good towards a purchase from one of our signature apparel lines.

Plus we'll give your friend a code for 15% off our Cinch Tummy Wrap. 

Here are some things we would like to know:

  • How were you referred to use Cinch or Atlas?
  • Which belly wrap did you choose?
  • At what stage did you start wrapping (first trimester, second, postpartum, etc.)?
  • Have you ever tried any other bands before using Cinch or Atlas?
  • How was Cinch or Atlas different from other bands?
  • What size were you before using our bands? What about after? And now?
  • If you've had multiple births, has your dress size changed from one to the next?
  • What other benefits and positive outcomes have you noticed by using belly wrapping (mood, health, confidence, happiness)?
  • How do you feel this has impacted your family?

Your baby journey in pictures

We would also enjoy sharing your journey in pictures - before, during, and after baby photos help others see how they can benefit during their pregnancy recovery.

Upload photos & Testimonial by filling out the Form. Click Here Tell a Friend Form Icon.

Submit your Fan photo

Send us a photo of you and your little one and we might include it in our Fan Gallery and Testimonial Page! Email subject line- "I got more than my body back Journal." Please write your name and comments in the body of your email.

Submit your Fan photo by filling out this Form. Click Here Tell a Friend Form Icon.

Disclaimer: By submitting photo(s), copy or video you grant Cirqulate/The Band Specialist the right to use and reproduce submitted content for commercial purposes, including but not limited to marketing, advertising and promotion. You acknowledge and agree that you are not entitled to any compensation, payments or royalties with respect to such content. You understand and acknowledge that Cirqulate may choose not to use any submitted content. You further release and discharge Cirqulate and any and all persons acting for or on its behalf from any and all liability, claims, damages or any and all blurring, distortion, alteration or optical illusion that may occur or be produced in the reproduction or printing of the submitted content. The information provided here is general advice and are not intended to be otherwise. You should always consult your doctor, nutritionist or medical advisor before making major lifestyle or health decisions.