The benefits from your efforts can last a lifetime...

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Long-term benefits of Pregnancy Belly Wrapping

•    Improve your posture
•    Improve circulation and fasten healing
•    Increase stamina
•    Shrink your waistline
•    Increase your stamina
•    Make it easier to tone
•    Improve your self-esteem
•    Be happier
•    Live healthier
•    Feel great

After pregnancy, every mom wants her waistline back, however, 72% of new moms never lose their baby weight. Getting back to a healthy shape and lifestyle after baby is important to your overall physical, mental, and emotional health.  Research shows excess weight can lead to serious health risks such as heart disease, depression, stroke and even death.

And according to some studies, even doing stomach crunches all day long won't achieve a flat tummy, once fat sets in. Wrapping with the Cinch band or Atlas 2-IN-1 can help your body reduce the chances of fat deposits.  It's the missing link to long-term health benefits after baby.

Here's why Atlas & The Cinch Tummy Wrap are the missing link to a healthy body after baby

While you are pregnant, Atlas 2-IN-1 pregnancy band gives you a head start by supporting, and lifting your growing belly. After your baby is born, your body is soft and malleable. Using our signature Cinch band, or the Atlas 2-IN-1 postpartum band, will continue to offer support for toning and shaping your shrinking body.

Atlas or Cinch--used after baby's birth--helps retract over-stretched muscles, shrink the uterus, and reduce the air space so there's less room for fat to deposit. When you are ready to exercise you will have less to lose and an easier time toning and sculpting. Besides losing fat, other benefits of wrapping include:

Why Cinch & Atlas are Different Than Other Cheaper Bands

1) Only ones with Scientific Proof :  360 Degrees of Even and Controlled Compression

2) Expands and Shrinks with You with just one wrap:  Open and Closes up to 12"

3) Multi-functional Uses-  Atlas is a pregnancy band that transitions into a posptartum band, back  support and hip shaper.   The Cinch Collection is our luxury postpartum wraps that has all of the three functions plus luxurious feel next to skin.  It has anion technology in its internal lining to help improve circulation.  Both Bands Can Even Fit a Cold/Warm Compress when you need a little soothing.

You Get Value and Savings When you choose The Cinch or Atlas 2-In-1.  Get a Head Start on Your recovery.  All you need is to get one band or combo to get back to the best of You!  They are long lasting and do not lose their stretch.  100% Satisfaction.  What Do You Have to Lose? Except Your Waistline.  Follow The Charlene Williams' System of Banding and You will Be Sure To Achieve Your Goals. 

It took you nine months to nurture your body for your growing baby - it will take at least nine months for a complete renewal and recovery. Once achieved, the benefits from your efforts can last a lifetime.