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Doctors Who Recommend The Cinch

"I would love to have The Cinch for my patients. I recommend postpartum wraps to my patients on a daily basis. The Cinch is perfect. I will have my nurse Gloria order them for the hospital. If the hospital can't do it immediately, I will personally use my own money to buy it for the hospital because I know my patients will love it!"
-Dr. Aslam B. (Chief of Ob/Gyn)
"I tried The Cinch, it is very comfortable!!! Supportive!!!!"
- Dr. Louise G. (M.D. Ob-GYN)
"Our patient used it postpartum after her third baby - loved it!"
- Dr. Cherie B. (M.D. Ob-GYN)

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"After 38 years of caring for pregnant women, I have seen so many bellies. Most women after their pregnancy have a hard time losing the baby weight. Their bellies tend to become saggy and have some appearance of stretch marks. On the contrary, I have noticed new moms who bind their bellies after pregnancy tend to have tighter bellies, fewer stretch marks and faster recovery. I have always recommended my patients to wrap their bellies after pregnancy. Many who follow my recommendations have remarkable results. Those who didn’t thought wrapping was too difficult and uncomfortable. Since I found The Cinch postpartum wrap, most of my patients love it. They love its comfort and the results. The Cinch postpartum wrap is an amazing product because it is not only easy and comfortable to wear, but it also motivates new moms to lose their baby weight. The measuring feature on The Cinch wrap literally tells new moms their progress each week. The Cinch definitely will be successful in helping new moms lose weight because they will actually try it and use it. This is a natural and safe way for women to get back to their healthy shape."
- Dr. Connie H., O.M.D., PHD (M.D. Ob-GYN)